"There is just nothing like an Indian Club workout for general health, mobility and flexibility."  

Indian Clubs - Strength, Flexibility, Fitness

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Improve Strength & Conditioning...

Enhance your Quality of Life!

Exercising with Indian Clubs is often described as Swing Training or Circular Weight Training.  Many athletes (young and old alike) use Indian Club exercises to improve their level of strength, flexibility, coordination, and overall fitness. Club swinging is excellent for individuals who have a passion to play Golf, Tennis, Racquetball, Paddle Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, etc.  

Martial Artists, Gymnasts, Swimmers, Body Builders,  Physical Therapists, and many Professional Athletes frequently work out with Indian Clubs.

Improve Your Golf Swing!

Indian Club Golf has developed a series of twelve exercises that emphasize the range of motion of joints, balance and coordination, and strengthening of an individuals core muscles. It is a simple program that takes twenty minutes a day.

Studies have shown that individuals who participate in our 12 steps will increase their clubhead speed and driving distance, improve stamina, and maintain a higher level of endurance during a traditional round of golf.  All of which will often result in lower handicaps and more overall enjoyment of the game.

Revive Your Shoulder Muscles!

A carefully planned Indian Club fitness program will develop your rotary, angular and diagonal strength, while increasing your stability and prevent injury.  Club Swinging is also an excellent form of physical therapy when recovering from shoulder, forearm, and wrist injuries. 

12 Easy Steps in 20 Minutes...

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Indian Clubs - Golf Exercises for Strength, Flexibility, Health & Fitness
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Indian Clubs exercises, or swing training is ideal for shoulder strength, flexibility, and golf fitness.